Leadership and Academic Success

Leaders Long Beach

Leaders Long Beach (LLB) mobilizes students ages 15-24 to address community issues and support DAYS Long Beach programming.DAYSWithTextTransparentText300px.png

LLB cultivates and engages alumni of our Summer Day Camp program to volunteer their time and help their peers become future leaders. Recent successes included an innovative on-line curriculum pilot for elementary and middle school aged students that made topics of history, math, science, and literature more accessible and relevant for youth, while still aligning with LBUSD standards. LLB also includes a peer-to-peer youth training program to teach life skills, designed to improve personal and professional outcomes.

College Bound

College Bound provides workshops targeted to middle and high school students who experience barriers to a higher education, and who are often from undocumented, very-low income families.

​Attendees receive assistance in writing personal narratives, and completing college and financial aid applications. Parents are also involved through workshops and family classes, and are provided English as a Second Language resources.


DAYS Long Beach is honored to help make post secondary education a reality for many local areas students through our Reverend Jerald R. Stinson Scholarship Award. This annual award, started in 2014, is awarded to local high school seniors and college students that are making a difference by giving back and supporting the community through programs and services offered by DAYS Long Beach.

The Reverend Jerald R. Stinson Scholarship was established in honor of his contributions to expand and promote the mission of the DAYS Long Beach program. Through his words, actions, and vision, he has held a light to guide us as we found our way on our new and expanded course. He has been instrumental in introducing DAYS Long Beach to organizations that share our vision of Empowering Children, Supporting Families and Building Communities. He has inspired so many of us to demand more of ourselves and each other and to push the children we are charged to help and care for to a greater sense of responsibility for themselves and each other. Ten percent of all DAYS Long Beach net fundraising income is designated to the scholarship fund.

Scholarships are awarded annually and the Reverend Jerald R. Stinson Scholarship is available to any college or trade/technical school student at any level. Qualities to be considered by the Scholarship Committee include: academic/career goals, financial need, and/or community service. Higher acceptance criteria is given to individuals who have participated, as a camper, counselor or volunteer, in DAYS Long Beach program. Most scholarship recipients are involved in many different aspects of the DAYS Long Beach organization.